JackPine's Islenska Birna "Birna"

Born: 2018-11-05

Eyes: Clear

Hips: C/B

Mentaldescription: Approved BPH shot test secure

Merits: 2 BOB puppy, BOS puppy, BIS 3, BIS

puppy at non CAC dog show.

BOB puppy, BOS puppy at NDS/NORDIC DS


Birna was born on her mother's birthday and she

was born as number two in the litter. This time

it was really not meant that any of the puppies

should stay at the kennel. Honestly! But what do

you do when you see the puppies develop over

expectations and one is cuter than the other...

Well, you decide that one of the girls may stay

anyway. It was no easy choice, because the girls

looked very much alike. Ljúfa's breeder told me

to pick the one with the best tail and the smallest

ears!? Yeah, that's easy when all the girls have

just as good tails and the same size of ears!! It

was finally my heart that decided that little Birna

was the one who would stay with us at the kennel.

Birna means "she bear" and she eas so very fluffy

so she looked like a little bear cub.

She's incredibly cute, she's incredibly charming

and she is very tiny, so she will just be mom's

snuggle bug.



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